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Genzink Appraisal Company
We have a wide range of experience for commercial and investment property types. A partial list of our counseling services is as follows:
Comparable Research: Collect and confirm property sales and leases.
Market Analysis: Process of examining the demand for, and supply of a property type in a geographic market area.
Marketablity Analysis: Process that investigates how a piece of property will be absorbed, sold or leased under current or anticipated market conditions.
Market Rent Determination: Develop an opinion of market rent for an entire property or part of the property to assist with landlord and tenant negotiations.
Appraisal Review: Develop an opinion as to whether the analysis, opinions and conclusions of the appraisal are appropriate and reasonable, and develop any reasons for disagreement.
Expert Witness Testimony: Provide testimony about our work product or an appraisal completed by someone else.
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